Quality Control

The quality of a technical translation is assessed by the accuracy of terminology. Our translators have a command of medical terminology and are aware of individual customer preferences that depend on the standpoint of customer’s in-house reviewers. We strive to produce accurate and grammatically correct translations that would meet customer’s requirements.

  • Every translation is subjected to double checking. Our reviewers have considerable experience of translation and check the translated text for accuracy in conveying the meaning of the source text, grammar errors, register, spelling and punctuation.
  • All of the customer’s requirements, requests and comments are taken into account for every translation and satisfied by our translators and staff to the greatest extent possible. Customer complaints are handled on a case-by-case basis. We make every effort to clarify the reasons for the incident and resolve customer complaints promptly and effectively.
  • As a result of gained experience, we have created and use actively an exclusive glossary of clinical and medical terms, which ensures high quality of translation and allows to satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated and demanding customers.