Written translation

The aim of translation is to reproduce the meaning of a source text in a target language as closely as possible, so that the original and translated texts are equivalent, which includes context, idioms, clichés etc.

We guarantee precision in conveying the meaning of a medical/clinical text (equivalence between the source text and the target text) and accurate use of special technical terminology.

We translate from and into English and German. We also translate from and into French and Italian upon request.

The size of translation order is calculated according to the number of standard pages: 1 page = 1800 characters with blanks.

Our services are highly sought after among Contract Research Organizations, Pharmaceutical Companies, medical institutions, private/state clinics and research institutes, insurance companies and private customers in need of a medical translation.

Examples of documents that we translate:

  • Pre-clinical/Clinical Trial Protocols (Protocols, Amendments, Brochures, Informed Consent Forms, Questionnaires etc.);
  • Documents supporting Drug Authorization Application (contracts, correspondence with regulatory authorities etc.);
  • Medical literature (books, publications, reference books etc.);
  • Pharmaceutical literature (research articles, reports, monographs etc.);
  • Clinical documents (medical histories, medical certificates, epicrises, laboratory reports etc.);
  • Technical documentation on medical equipment.

We also offer special, additional services such as:

  • Editing translations done by a customer or a third party;
  • Formatting and laying out translated texts;
  • Printing, scanning and photocopying.

We offer 3 levels of translation urgency:

  • Standard translation: 6 pages a day;
  • Urgent translation: 10 pages a day;
  • Super-urgent translation: 15 pages a day.